For those of you who have been following my blog, today was the doctor appointment I have been anticipating. I did something in this last week and a half that I really shouldn’t have done. I went off my diabetic medicine completely.  I should have told my doctor, but I knew that I had an appointment coming up very soon, so I didn’t. When my fasting blood sugar starting being lower than normal I had to quite taking it. With a little tongue in cheek he got on to me for not telling him. I explained to him why I did it, and that I didn’t call him to tell him. He was actually sort of kidding me. He admitted that I quit the pills at the exact right times. First the morning pill and then a few days later the night time pill. I was not sure how he would react to the fact that in 4 weeks I had gone from blood sugars way too high (325) to normal blood sugars, and finally, without any medicine. Now remember that I have been a diabetic for 10 years and been on oral meds that whole time. I was at the point where I was about to go on insulin if the sugar didn’t come down drastically and didn’t want to do that so I basically became a Vegan (see yesterday’s post) but I also don’t eat processed sugar of any kind, so actually I have become something I never ever thought I would become, sort of accidentally, I’m actually a stricter Vegan than many. Whew!!

Back to the doctor visit. He was so surprised at what had happened and he told me that I absolutely made his day. He is a Christian, so I guess you would say that we had a little rejoicing party right there in his office. He commenced doing my physical and told me while he was listening to my heart, etc. that he was so proud of me and thanked me for making his job so easy for him today. He knew that if he had to tell me I needed insulin he would have a fight on his hands, but he didn’t know it would turn out the exact opposite. I told him how much more energy I have and he said we would do appointments every 2 months for a while (but that I probably wouldn’t need them that long) and keep and eye on things. Then he was writing my prescriptions (for blood pressure – still a little high) and cholesterol[(which he said he expects I won’ t need very much longer!]) and he said, “so, I guess you don’t need a prescription for Glipizide (my oral diabetic medication) this time, then?” I said, “no I don’t!”  He just laughed! I was so excited! All that work seems more than worth it, especially having my doctor “with me” on this! This was a really great day!


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