A tip for a Southwestern Salad

Make your salad with whatever veggies you like or want on a Southwestern salad. I start with Romaine lettuce and build my salad with all the veggies that I want, then I add chopped up tomato or cherry tomatoes cut in half, then I throw a handful of black beans on the salad (I have cooked these ahead and have a baggie in the refreigerator for these types of things). Then I put some frozen corn in my Pampered Chef bar pan and put it in the oven on broil and keep a close eye on it. When you see a few pieces of the corn getting black on the corners take it out and toss this roasted corn on your salad. Yummy!

This is something I really like to do with my salad to change it up a bit.  Just about any dressing you make will be good on this salad.  If you have a tomato basil dressing recipe that would be especially good with this salad.



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