Super enzymes

One thing you can do to really vamp up the enzymes you are getting, which is the biggest health deficiency we have, is to sprout grains and seeds. You can sprout alfalfa, chia, brocolli, radish, clover and many more seeds. You can sprout quinoa, wheat, spelt, millet, kamut or any number of assorted grains. Actually quinoa is really a seed fruit but people use it more like a grain. The more variety of sprouting you do and put into your salads, green smoothies, homemade salad dressings or hot whole grain cereals and breads, the better your health will be. There are many places on the internet to learn what can be sprouted and many resource for equipment. The simplest way to sprout something is in the good ol’ Mason jar. You just need to go get some screen wire or a sheet of plastic craft mesh and cut a piece to replace the lid part of the mason jar. Put the cut out mesh inside the lid ring and you are in business!!  You can also use trays.  When I want to sprout more than a jar will hole I have a 3 tier tray with drain holes that I use.

You want to soak your seed or grain overnight in this jar. Put about 1/4 the jar full of seeds or grain in the pint or quart jar and fill the rest of the way with water. The next morning drain that water through your mesh lid and add more fresh clean water and shake around and pour it out. Turn the jar on it’s side and about 2 more times before bedtime rerinse once again. You might want to put it in a dark place, but if you put it into the cabinet, do not forget it is there and forget to rinse about 3 times per day. Depending on what you are sprouting, in a couple of days you will see sprouts fill up the jar. If you want the sprouts to green up set them by a window and rinse once a day for another day or two. Put is the refrigerator and they will keep for a week or so. Throw them in smoothies, on sandwiches, in salad dressing you make, on salads…just use your imagination! This is a great way to get consentrated goodness into your body. Here are some links to help you out with learning how to sprout.

You can sprout wheat to use in uncooked breads that you dehydrate instead.  You an sprout raw almonds by soaking them overnight, then rinsing.  You don’t sprout almonds the same way as seeds and grains.  You just soak overnight and then dehydrate to unlock all the life in them and they are then a lot better for your than just plain almonds.  NOTE: It is very difficult to get your hands on completely raw almonds because California has to pasteurize them before they leave the state and they grow about 90% of America’s almonds.  Ones that have been raised above 116 degrees will not sprout.  When you dehydrate sprouted raw almonds do not take the temperature 115 degrees in the dehydrator.

I sprout almonds at 105 degrees.

I encourage you to study more about this on the internet.  There is so much information about this subject! (5th video down on this page)


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