Avocado Tomato Salad

This is the most amazing tastying simple salad.  I think this is one of the very favorite of my new recipes! It is low in carbs, nutritious, and full of only the good fat that needs to be in our diet.  We need to keep even those fats to a minimum so we shouldn’t eat this recipe non-stop, but when you want a real treat, this is it!!


Avocaco 1-2 cups

Tomato (ripe, juicy and full of flavor) 1-2 cups [ratio to your taste, but 1/2           tomato and half avocado is what I like)

Chopped Raw Almonds – coarsely chopped (1/4 cup or heaping 1/4 cup)

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt or Sea Salt

Optional:  Leeks, celery, dill, tsp lemon juice (fresh), corn (frozen, but thawed), cilantro, freshly cooked no salt added black beans, etc.  Be creative!

Take a ripe, but not overly ripe avocado, slice it and then cut it the other way so you have nice bite size chunks.  You can add the same amount of tomato or more or less to your liking.  I usually do 1 large avocado to about 3 Campari tomatoes.  These are tomatoes that are about twice the size of cherry or grape tomatoes and are round and usually you can buy them at Sam’s or Costco in a little tray with the vine still attached.  The main thing is to get ripe, juicy, very good tasting tomatoes for this recipe. ( I highly recommend these tomatoes).   Then get some raw almonds (I sprout and dehydrate mine- more on that in an upcoming post) and you chop the raw almonds slightly until they are about 1/4 the size of whole.  Use about 1/4 + cup of these almonds.  Add a little ground Original Himalayan Crystal Salt OHCS (or sea salt) and that is it!!  You can also add other things for optional tastes.  Sometimes I add a little celery for additional crunch. You could add a handful of frozen corn after thawing it.  You could add dill, or a tiny bit of lemon juice. (You do not have to add lemon juice to keep the avocado green, however, because the juices from your tomato do the same thing).  The simpler this salad is the better it will taste.  The flavor just bursts in your mouth.  For those who are trying to eat predominantly raw this is the recipe for you.  Nothing cooked so you get ALL the enzymes available!  Happy eating!


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