If you are going to be serious about changing your lifestyle or improving your health, besides a power blender for smoothies, dressings and soups, you will need a food dehydrator.  It is a way to get the most in the way of enzymes from some foods and a way to make very healthy snacks for when you get the urge to just “crunch something!”

If you are like I was, you think or thought that dehydrating was just something you might do with fruit to preserve it, like dehydrated apples.  Well, as yummy as dehydrated apples are, and the fact that they make a great snack, especially for travel, that is not the only purpose for a dehydrator.  A dehydrator is the best friend to someone who understands that sprouting unlocks the enzymes and makes the food alive in raw almonds, flax seed, garbanzo beans, and many other beans and seeds.  Two of my very favorite snacks to make using sprouting and the dehydrator are flax seed crackers and teriyaki almonds.  Also I make some awesome tasting corn/cilantro chips too!  That way when I really want to crunch something but I can’t have chips that are processed, I eat my flax seed crackers.  I take them with me to a mexican restaurant and order guacamole and I use my flax crackers in place of the tortilla chips.  It completely satisfies me and I really enjoy the fellowship and the meal, even though it is not what everyone is having!  I also take the corn cilantro chips with me too!  I am going to share the flax seed cracker recipe and the teriyaki almonds.  They are both recipes I got from  Her website it awesome.  She sells some little recipe books, but these 2 recipes also come in her 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course, which I highly highly recommend to anyone who is really ready to take back their health.  It takes you 1 step at a time, one month at a time from the Standard American Diet to a healthy whole foods diet.  It goes slowly and takes a whole year unless you want to move faster.  There are great recipes in every step.  These 2 recipes come from step 7 which is sprouting and dehydrating!

By the way, there is a video on where she makes these flaxseed crackers.  That video was my inspiration! Watch it here:     (scroll to bottom of the page)

Flax Veggie Crackers

Soak in 4 C water for several hours:        4 C  Whole Flax Seeds (3 C brown,  1 C golden)

1 C  Raw sunflower seeds

Shred in food processor, or very finely dice:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1 red bell pepper

2 carrots

Puree’ in high powered blender:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               4 tomatoes

2 stalks celery

4 cloves of garlic peeled

1/3  C Nama Shoyu (organic unpasteurized soy sauce found at Whole Foods or online)

Note:  You will love this stuff!  Plus, you can use it in salad dressings and stir fry.  You have NEVER tasted soy sauce like this before! *

1 tsp. sea salt

1 TB chili powder

Mix all three mixtures together well, by hand, and spread about 1/4″ thick on plastic dehydrator sheets.  Note: If you get the gardenmaster dehydrator with 8 trays like the one pictured at the top it comes not only with the 8 regular trays but with 8 mesh seets and 8 teflex sheets for things like these flax crackers.  Well worth investing in this model because you don’t have to buy all those things extra later. Cut into cracker shapes and dehydrate at 105 degrees** until crackers are dry on top (about 24 hours).  Turn over, remove teflex sheets and finish drying until the crackers are crispy.  I don’t cut mine, I just break them into pieces after they are dry and ready to put in ziplock bags.

Here is the dehydrator I have from Amazon:

Stay tuned tomorrow for the teriyaki almond recipe!  Yummy!

Happy sprouting and dehydrating.  Sometimes having those truly healthy snacks available make all the difference in whether you can stick to this or not!

*Nama Shoyu                                                                                                Notice the 5 star rating at this amazon site for Nama Shoyu!

**This is why you need to dehydrate instead of cook things for them to be considered raw.  Anything that gets to over 118 degrees in food KILLS all the enzymes.  Under that temperature you still have the live enzymes in your food.  This is why a dehydrator is so valuable.  There are many things you can do with a dehydrator and not kill enzymes which are vital to our health, but we do not make after our 30’s in our bodys.  We need to consume them for proper digestion and health.  So sprouting unlocks the enzymes and like in the seed or nut, and dehydrating doesn’t destroy that process!


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