OHCS-Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

 I have recently discovered this amazing salt.  It is all natural, and comes from a mountain in the Himalayas and it has all 84 trace minerals on the periodic chart that our bodies need.   The only things it does not have from the periodic table are the gases.  It is pure salt, not sodium chloride that we know as table salt with is a very refined substance that our bodies don’t really know what to do with.  This table salt is a major part of the high sodium and high blood pressure that many in our country suffer with.  Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined and it comes straight to you without processing.  There are many many imitations of this Himalayan salt out there.  Pink Himalayan Salt, etc.  Do not be fooled by these because many times they do not come from this pure source.  Sea salt is the 2nd best thing you can use.  Especially Celtic Sea Salt.  However, because of so many contaminants in the ocean it does require some processing before it gets to your salt shakers.  Make sure if you are going to make this change in the salt you use to get genuine OHCS.  You can get this salt through greensmoothiegirl.com website (see link below) or through Amazon (see link below).  If you go to Amazon be sure and only get Original Himalayan Crystal Salt and no other!

A good thing to do with this salt to make sure you get all the trace minerals every day carried straight to your tissues is to make a mixture called “Sole” with your salt, and drink a teaspoon of “sole” every morning first thing in 16 ounces of pure water.  After sleeping your body needs hydration as the very first thing and what better way to give it than to put all 84 trace minerals in with it and drink it down.  This alone could have a profound affect on your health!  The way to make “sole” is to get a jar with a lid.  Put some OHCS in the bottom of the jar.  Basically cover the bottom of the jar with OHCS.  Water will only take on so much salt until it cannot take any more in.  So, add pure water to the jar to the top.  Let it sit overnight.  In the morning, if there are still some crystals in the jar then your water is saturated with the OHCS.  This is “sole”.  Use 1 teaspoon of this mixture every morning in your water.  This will give you about 411 mg of salt for the day.  You are allowed about 2,500mg per day, so you still have room for some to put on your food later in the day. ( the average American gets 5,000 mg of sodium chloride= table salt!!)  As the jar starts to get emptied add more water.  If the crystals disappear then you need to add a few more until you see that there are some left in the bottom.  My husband and I have only been doing this about a week.  I will report back to you later and let you know if we notice any change in overall health from this process.  Happy hydrating!!



I get this coarsely ground and use a salt mill to add salt to food.  You can get the finer grind, but I have not tried making “sole” with the finer grind. You can also get the stones and make “sole” from that.  But I only wanted to buy one size so I chose the size that had little “stones” and would fit in my salt mill.

From those who have done this they recommend doing this very highly.  It makes sense to me.  Just knowing that we are getting all the trace minerals we need is a good feeling!


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