Almond Joy!!! Oh Boy!!!!!

I made this today!  It is completely raw and well worth the ingredients it takes to make it.  This will be my treat when everyone else it having something like birthday cake or cinnamon rolls or anything else that goes with a good cup of black coffee!

I got this recipe from ‘s 12 stept to Whole Foods Course!  On her website there is a video on HOW to make this, but she does not give the exact ingredients on that video.  I will not share them here either because it is her recipe, but if you want me to give you the ingredient measurements just email me personally or call me and I will share them with you.  It is recipes like this that help a person to stay strong over the long haul.  This is actually healthy for you!!!! Guilt free!!

The ingredients you will need are: unrefined virgin coconut oil ( a pint jar ) a very good fat (but don’t over do), agave nectar, unsweetened coconut, cocao powder and raw almonds. You will also need a good blender, preferable a power blender like a VitaMix or BlendTec.

I just wish you were here to taste it!!  I’m brewing a fresh pot of decaf coffee right now…….can’t wait!!

First cut them in squares then put almost all in the freezer for other days!

This is for me!  Yum!!!!

Come join me for a cup of coffee and a yummy treat!!!  🙂


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