Perfect Portions Nutrition Scale

My food scale is so amazing.  It gives the amount of calories, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, sodium, cholesterol, protein, grams or ounces of any food.  It is the best thing I know to be able to make sure your portions aren’t too much.  Being diabetic I also have to watch my intake of the right kind of carbs and make sure I have enough fiber every day.  This handy scale makes that so easy!  Most scales just give you the weight, but this one tells you so much more!

Here’s how it works:

If you want to measure the grams, carbs, calories, fat, etc of a food you are going to eat, you key in a code for that food on this scale and it gives you the nutrition facts for that particular amount of whatever food it is.  For example, if I wanted to eat a palm full of raw almonds, I would turn on the scale, put a container (bowl, plate, cup) down on the scale (whatever I was going to put the almonds into to eat)- or I could just lay the almonds on the scale.  Let’s just say that I had a little bowl to put them into.  I would put the bowl onto the scale and hit the zero button and the scale will automatically take off the weight of the bowl.  Then I would add the almonds that I planned to eat to the bowl and key in the 4 digit code for raw almonds.  It automatically weighs it, and figures out all the other nutrition facts and displays them just like they would be on a nutrition facts table on any packaged food.  Sometimes those labels (if there is one) can be misleading.  It tells you how much of all those facts are in 1 serving, but sometimes we don’s always eat exactly one serving. This takes the guess work out of it for you!  You can also toggle back and forth between ounces and grams of weight.  It will also keep track of what you have weighed all day and save the total.  You can get a picture of your whole calorie intake and then the next morning you can erase the totals and start again. Amazing!

If you want to make a salad, for example, it will also add all the ingredients one by one and show you the total when you are finished making the salad.  You can add the dressing and total that onto the whole amount as well!  If you want to put your whole meal on the platen (one item at a time) and add up all the things on your plate to find out the nutrition facts for everything on your plate you can do that also.  There is a laminated booklet with about 1900 food codes in it that comes with the scale.  It has most of what you will need, however, there is a way to custom code up to 99 of your own foods that are not in the booklet that you most regularly eat. Some of the foods you eat on a regular basis that might not be in the book can be added and assigned a code number.  When you first add it you need to get your information from the nutritional panel on the package or look up fresh veggies and fruit or grains  (that might be unusual and not in the book) on the internet to enter the facts so the scale can remember it after that.

Here is the website so you can learn more about this nutrition scale:

This scale is a real help in living a healthy lifestyle!!

You can get this scale on Amazon, or the Perfect Portions (see link above) website OR Bed Bath and Beyond.  I got mine at BB&B with a 20% off coupon.  It retails for 49.99 but with that coupon it was $39.99!


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