Super nutrition!! Bottoms Up!!!!

I measured all my Green Smoothie ingredients on the Nutrition Scale I talked about yesterday.  This is the rundown. If you are still not convinced that Green Smoothies are the best way to get super good nutrition, this should help you to see it better!

Here is the breakdown of my green smoothie recipe according to the Perfect Portion Nutrition Scale:
You will see that this is truly the best “band for your buck”, nutritionally that you could find ANYWHERE!!

One Quart of Lorie’s Green smoothie has:

535.5 calories                                                                                              27% of the Daily Value

129 Fat Calories   (Only good fat)

14.5 g Total Fat                                                                                           22% DV

3 g Saturated Fat                                                                                           7% DV

2 mg Cholesterol                                                                                         1/2 % DV (Woo Hoo!)

201 mg Sodium                                                                                            8.5% DV

(not sodium chloride – table salt, but natural sodium)

102 Total Carbs (all good carbs)                                                            34% DV

35 mg   Dietary Fiber                                                                               139.5% DV (Woo Hoo!)

104 mg Sugars (all natural in the food itself)

36 g Protein                                                                                                   Protein DV% is determined by your weight. It should be 10-20% (plant based – you don’t need any animal based protein) of your total body weight.

If you weigh 100 pounds 50 g is your DV. If  you weigh 200 pounds your would need roughly 75 g.   1 QT of smoothie would be roughly 75% of your DV for a 100 pound person.

For a 150 pound person you would be getting a little over 50% of your DV. (Adjust accordingly)

I hope this is an encouragement to you. : )

A few of our grandkids drinking green smoothies!  We have other grandkids that live out of town, and some of them drink green smoothies too!!!


2 thoughts on “Super nutrition!! Bottoms Up!!!!

  1. Lorie, have to comment on the adorable grandkid photos. It is so easy to figure out which ones go with which moms. The are all so cute. About the one with Heidi’s baby girl, putting pacifier in Jana’s baby girl – it looks like Heidi’s baby is saying “Don’t make me drink that green smoothie!” (just kidding, I’m sure yours taste good)

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