What Store is YOUR “CANDY STORE?”

Remember when you were a little kid and your Mom or Dad let you buy your favorite candy at the grocery store? You couldn’t hardly wait to get out of the store, into the car and home so you could eat it!! When I was a little girl I loved Russell Stover’s Candy, but we only got that at Christmas time. Even though I love chocolate, I also love non chocolate treats too like Mike and Ike’s or Hot Tamales and Jelly Bellys! Have you been to Mr. Bulky’s? Now there is a candy store!!! To any of us who have good feelings that come to mind when these things are mentioned you know what I mean by comfort with food.

Some do not particularly get tempted with sweets. As I grew older sweets were not what really comforted me. It was bad carbohydrates, like yeast hot rolls, baked potato with my steak, mashed potatoes with my fried chicken……etc. It just seemed that a good meal was not complete without hot rolls or some other glorious tasting carb. So, as I became an older adult my “candy store” was the grocery store or the restaurant where I could get my fill of the yummy (bad) carbs! This of course led eventually to my diabetes along with bad fats which caused insulin resistance. Bad carbs make you blood sugar go too high, then your pancreas goes to work to create more insulin to try to handle the extra load of glucose in your bloodstream due to the simple carbs that are processed and you have just consumed. For years sometimes our bodies can sort of handle all of this and finally it can’t keep up anymore. But there is another issue. Add the bad fats, animal protein and bad oils, like corn oil, vegetable oil, crisco, margerine, butter, and canola oil gum up the locks in our cells so that even when the insulin is manufactured to push the glucose into the cells the door-locks to the cells have been gummed up by bad fats. So at this point too much glucose in the blood and no way to get into the cells means you are at the doctor’s office finding out you have diabetes! So, I ask you, what should our “candy store” be if we want to be healthy. I know that I have come full circle in this and am no longer in bondage to my bad carbs/bad fats cycle because now my all time favorite store on the planet is Whole Foods!

I go into that store and just stare at the beautiful produce and healthy bulk items and the sprouted tortillas and bread not made with flour and processed ingredients and I know this is where I need to shop for things I cannot get at any regular grocery store.

I do not buy all things there because it is not cheap, but the things I can not get in a regular grocery store I buy there. Things like: unrefined Virgin Coconut oil, raw pumpkin seeds, spelt, millet, kamut, barley, organic dandelion greens (yes, I said dandelion greens!), xanthan gum, some special vinegars and Nama Shoyu (the best soy sauce in the world). Yes, Whole Foods is MY “candy store” now!


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