Friday Afternoon Date on the Country Club Plaza With My Honey!

Lyle works 9 hours a day Monday thru Thursday so he can get Friday afternoons off.  Sometimes we take advantage of that and have and early date.  Today was one of those days.


We went down to the Country Club Plaza (that is a really cool place to go for those of you who are not familiar with Kansas City) and the place any girl would like to be taken for a date.  I consider dates on the Plaza a REAL date!

We took in an afternoon matinee’ at the Cinemark Theatre. The tickets on week days for matinee’s are only $4.00 each!   We saw One Day which was good, and surprising.  It was a love story or ‘chick flick’ as some would say.  Then due to all my dietary changes I suggested a restaurant on the Plaza that caters to the Vegetarian /Vegan crowd with their main entree’ options.  Most of the time we go to Jack Stack Bar-B-Q but when we do that Lyle has options and I only have one choice.  While their Spinach-Strawberry Salad is extra good it is the only item on the menu I have to pick from and I have to take my own dressing with me (I usually make strawberry vinegarette when I go to Jack Stack) and it is really good, but still, I just sometimes wish there were more restaurants around that offered whole food plant based options without loading it up with the “bad stuff” for those of us who have to be very consistent with their food choices for health reasons.

The place I found on the internet this afternoon before Lyle got home is called Eden Alley.  It is located in the lower level of the Unity Church building at 707 W. 47th Street and the only sign you can see is the awning hanging over the door in the courtyard on 47th Street and a sign over the lower level door down a ramp next to the courtyard area.  The lower door has a wheel chair accessible ramp.  The restaurant is very spacious and the people are very friendly (good atmosphere!).  This restaurant, come to find out, has been in business for 17 years and is very successful and the owner has not been a meat eater since she was very young.  This restaurant, unlike so many, has many choices that are actually options for my lifestyle!  Yay!  I think we will be coming back here again!  (Lyle is sighing in the background, but he was very gracious to go there with me and try it out.  🙂

The food was very very good.  Lyle even liked his choice.

Here is what we each picked:

Lorie’s pick today was Avacado Vera Cruz:

AVOCADO VERA CRUZ (vegan/gluten-free) Ripe avocado served on brown rice stuffed with a lovely local zucchini and chick pea Pico de Gallo topped with chili cumin aioli accompanied by a salad of mixed greens, cherry tomato, carrots, cucumbers and red wine dressing.

It was really really good and filling and it was just fun to have choices again!!

Lyle’s pick for today was Egg Salad Bruschetta:

a thick “slice” of grilled local bread with eggsalad, pickles, tomatoes, red onions, and carrots, sitting on greens with raindrops of red wine vinaigrette.

Here is their website for anyone who lives in Kansas City (or wants to come visit us) who might want this type of restaurant!  There are many good choices as you will see if you check out the website!!

Happy Healthy Eating!!


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