My journey thus far……

For those of you who have been following my blog I thought it was time for a little update on how I am doing without my medication, etc.

While I have not been back to the doctor yet for my 2 month checkup to see how things are going, I HAVE been taking my blood sugar regularly and exercising and eating right and riding my bike.

My blood sugars are in normal range and I see a trend that they don’t spike right after eating as much as they once did. In other words, my body is acting more and more normal and less and less diabetic. I have more feeling in my feet, so that means my neuropathy is getting less and less! My blood sugar this morning, for example was 98, but more importantly than that, it was 106 when I went to bed last night and that was not a fasting blood sugar, but after eating all day. Two nights ago it was 84 at bedtime! For those of you who understand all this you know that after being diabetic on oral medications for 10 years this is just HUGE!

I have not eaten any processed sugar, dairy (except 0% fat Greek yogurt in my smoothie for probiotic purposes), eggs, animal protein of any kind or any oils except Flax, EVOO and Unrefined Virgin Coconut oil since early July.

Without even trying to lose weight I have lost 21 pounds so far!

I just wanted to encourage those who are following this that things are still right on track and I am hoping by the end of September I can go off my blood pressure meds and my cholesterol meds too! My reason for writing this blog is mainly to encourage anyone else out there that is dealing with a health challenge that is diet related.  It might be cancer, arthritis, or any number of what they call the diseases of affluence brought about by a Standard American Diet.  I also write this so I will never forget where I have been and where God has brought me thus far.   He is the one who has given me the strength and the stamina to be where I am today.  He is the one who taught me what is means in this area of my life to deny myself, to be crucified with Him and no longer live for me, but for Him instead.  I have many areas left to die to myself in, but for me this was one of the most pervasive in my life!  Praise God from Whom ALL blessing flow!!


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