Forks over Knives

If you have Netflix you should watch this movie!

It is available on instant streaming and well worth the watch! I recommended the China Study to read in an earlier blog. This movie is done by the same man who wrote that book (Colin Campbell)

Dr. Colin Campbell

and a colleague of his who has done similar research in his medical career (Caldwell Esselstyn).

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

If you watch this movie you will think differently about food. This is really a warning to you. If you don’t want to change your lifestyle DO NOT watch this movie or read the book with the same title. I love the title: implying that if you eat a whole foods plant based diet you won’t need a scalpel (knife) because you will fix your problem with a fork by eating the right things! ie: forks vs. surgery! Check out your local library to see if they have the book or the DVD.  I am on a pretty long hold list at my own library for the book, and my library system has ordered 9 copies of the movie. Go check it out!

There is another book written by a firefighter who is the son of  doctor Esselstyn, Rip Esselstyn.

This book is entitled The Engine 2 Diet.

Firefighter, Rip Esselstyn

He and his fellow firefighters at Station #2 started eating a whole foods plant based diet at their firestation after they all decided to have their cholesterol checked together at the same time.  They started this to save the life of one of the firefighters who’s cholesterol was very high when they all went to get it checked.  This book has many recipes that they now use at the station.  If a bunch of real-men firefighters can leave meat behind, maybe you can too!

Check out:

Knives Over Forks, the DVD and the book.


The Engine 2 Diet, the book.

Quite possibly you won’t look at food the same ever again!


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