Update on Health – the longer version

For those of you who have been following my progress with getting off my diabetic meds,  and becoming a Vegan to do it, I have an update!

I went for my labs today and my A1C test was better than it always has been when I was taking meds!
The dreaded night when my blood sugar went so high my A1C that night was 11.1  My blood sugar was 325 that night!  I will never forget that high number!  Normal blood glucose level is 70-110 fasting and under 140 an hour after a meal. A normal person’s A1C would be in the 5.0 to 6.2 range or there abouts. When I have had my A1C test done in the past on medication I have usually been able to keep it in the 6.8-7.9 range. a little higher than the goal but fairly well under control. Keep in mind that is with the medication and uneducatedly watching somewhat what I ate. I had never had one that was over 8.5 until that dreaded night at the urgent care!  11.1, to me was totally off the charts! That is when I thought I would have to go on insulin and if you have read this blog you know that story. (see 1st few posts – scroll down to bottom)

Well, today it was 6.9 without any oral meds taken for 3 months!!  Just diet alone! It was lower off the meds now than in over 10 years ON the meds!!  I was thrilled, and expect it to be even lower next time when August (my adjustment month as the sugar was coming down), is no longer included in the total.
The A1C test measure 3 months back and tells your control over that period of time!

Praise the Lord!

Cholesterol Meds

Also, I had some kidney damage and 1 year and 2 months ago my doctor told me that I would be on dialysis soon and be dead in 10 years if we didn’t get my cholesterol down. I reluctantly took a higher dose cholesterol pill after that day because I was scared. I was taking the dose of that medicine that was 2nd from the highest dose they make and that day I went higher. Today, I got my cholesterol meds cut in half for the 2ND TIME since then and am now going to take 1/4 the cholesterol meds I started on!

AND my doctor said the kidney damage is completely gone and my kidneys are perfect!! Praise the Lord, again! Doc said it was as if God had come down and placed His hands on my kidneys and healed them! Imagine that!  : )  I am just rejoicing today at all the good news! Thank you for all your prayers, those of you who have been praying for me!! The doctor said this is extremely rare and he is not sure he has ever seen this kind of  kidney damage turn around like this before!!

Right things in, good results!

LIke I have said before, God made our bodies to respond to the right treatment! 10 years of damage and in 3 short months turned around!

Then, when I left the doctor’s office,  I went to get my eyes checked since it had been over a year.  The eye doctor diltated my eyes and started looking around inside them and said, “well, no diabetic damage in there!” What a day!


Praise God from Whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Update on Health – the longer version

  1. Mom, I didn’t realize that the a1c was a snapshot of how well your body is handling diabetes. This is awwwesome!! God is good regardless, but today He just poured on the abundant blessings and rewards for all your hard work! That is GREAT!!! love you!

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