The Reason

I have been thinking lately about what it takes to be able to change your lifestyle for real. It is not easy, that is for sure. It doesn’t just happen either. You have to be motivated by something. Most of the time us humans are so stubborn that we want what we want regardless of the consequences. So, if something is ever going to change you have to have a REASON. That reason could be as different for each person as there are people!

I know for me, I had decided that if I ever went on insulin that would be the beginning of the end. Some people don’t feel this way. But I had done enough research to know that insulin is hard on you and I felt like if or when that ever happened that I would never have the hope of being healthy again. Like I have said, it is not the end of the world and I know some of you reading this post may be on insulin. I do not tell you this to discourage you, but to get you to find whatever reason will motivate you to either get off that insulin (many people have done that) or at least decrease it so the damage to your body is less.

Yes, that means you have to give up eating some of the things you dearly love and think you can’t live without. Trust me, you can and you will learn to love other things that won’t hurt you every time you put it in your mouth.

Perhaps if I had done better at this earlier in my life I wouldn’t have had to give up so much now. Actually it was a blessing in disguise though because I am now healthier than I have ever been and I wouldn’t have gotten to experience that if I hadn’t had a wake up call from all the years of eating wrong to start with. I am not talking here to the person who might be pre-diabetic, because you can change a few things and maybe never BE diabetic. This post is for that person who already IS diabetic and depends on the meds to keep it all under control.  You know who you are. When you take that road you will end up where I was, eventually. I was fortunate though. My wake up call was a high number: 325 on my glucose meter.

Yours might be a stroke that you either don’t recover from, or recover partially from OR you might die!

Or it might be heart failure. Maybe you will have the warning, by being told you have congestive heart failure or maybe it will be an attack you don’t come back from. You are the only one who can take charge of this and perhaps turn it around. You cannot do it alone, however. The Holy Spirit has to help you…..and guess what? He will help you but you can’t just do nothing and expect that to happen. He is not going to magically make you all better without you treating your body the way He made it to be treated. He will meet you there, but faith requires you to start walking that way.

You might have cancer or be wondering how those tests are going to turn out, if they suspect cancer. It’s funny how many people know that if you have Type 2 diabetes it is probably because of what YOU did and how you ate and lived that got your there. They also may think that heart problems or stroke are degenerative and since it is caused most likely from an unhealthy lifestyle that it is your fault.
But, when it comes to cancer everyone seems to think that it is not somehow in the same category. But the truth is that cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, auto immune diseases and other maladies are all in the same category. They are more prevalent in the diets of Westerners and and most prevalent in Americans. That is because all of these problems stem from unhealthy eating. It is very amazing how quickly our bodies are made to respond to the right nutrition and how quickly it will fight to turn itself around when given the correct fuel. Just something to think about. I have learned about hundreds of people who have killed their cancer with nutrition in addition to those who have reversed their diabetes and heart disease! God made our bodies to work a certain way and it is amazing how even with much abuse over the years, giving it the right things, it will fight and turn things around in amazing ways! If you need more information about this I would be glad to share what I have learned with you and the resources to check out.

I have written this blog for 2 reasons: 1) so I will never forget where the Lord has taken me and what He has done in this area of my life and 2) to help anyone else that is struggling in a similar way to have much of the information they need right here because I have done much of the research for them.

Please feel free to use this info and to share it with anyone you know who might be wanting to take the reigns of their health back from resignation (  that’s just the way it’s going to be”) to “you mean I can change things and actually be healthier than I was before all this diabetes stuff?” If that is who you want to be you can do something about it right now.

What is your REASON?

Do you want to honor and glorify Christ in your body?

Do you want to feel good, be healthier and more energetic?
Do you want to not be afraid to go to the doctor visit coming up?

Do you want to live to see your grandchildren grow up and maybe even have children of their own? Or do you at least not want them to say….if only she had eaten better, or taken better care of herself this wouldn’t have happened. You could have an accident tomorrow and be with the Lord and that would be better, but if you stay around let it be in a vibrant way.
Do you want to be able to do things you used to do that you don’t feel like doing anymore?
Do you want to lower your risk of heart attack, stroke or cancer?
Do you want to feel younger than you actually are?
Do you want the days you have left to be healthy days instead of sedentary days?

Maybe it’s one of these or all of the above or something else that motivates you….like I don’t ever want to be on insulin if I can do something to not be!

What ever it is: it can be yours IF you decide that food is not your God, and that God is your God.
If you can die to yourself and live to Christ in this area you can have all of the above and more. BUT
it has to be a complete change. Partway won’t get you there!

This is all a very personal thing, and those of you who are younger and feel fine and think this is not where you will go…….I thought that once. But the Standard American Diet (SAD) got me!

Slowly it gummed up my cells and I eventually couldn’t get the insulin in my body to do it’s job right because the cells were locked and it couldn’t. This is such a silent disease for so long and then, boom, you are there! It’s so much harder then. Trust me, I know.

I have learned with much study that it is true: You are what you eat!

So much of what afflicts us in American as far as disease goes is what is called Disease of Affluence.

Heart Disease
Even autoimmune diseases

These are all caused by diet. But the good news is they can be reversed by diet. I have read much about this in ALL of the above areas and more. So, it is not futile or pointless to try. It is amazing what our bodies do in response to a plant based diet when we have damaged it for so many years. It is extremely forgiving and God made it to be that way.

Many people have said since my kidneys repaired themselves from stage 3 kidney failure to perfect that that was a modern day healing. I know that is true, but here is partly and I suspect mostly how it is true. God made my body to need the right fuel. I abused that for 30 years. Finally I got it, and changed what fuel I use and YES my body responded immediately and quickly and now I am off my diabetic meds, have cut my cholesterol meds in half and soon hope to be off them. My blood pressure is back in the normal range, I am losing extra weight without trying.(42 pounds so far!) So the miracle was truly a miracle, and God did heal my kidneys and HOW that all happened is not really what is the important thing.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT THING: A miracle did take place, a modern day miracle, but it was NOT the healing of my kidneys per se, it was that I had the strength, through Christ, to give up forever those foods that my body does not need and that is actually bad for me. Meat, dairy, eggs, vegetable oils and canola oils, artificial sweeteners and sugar. That is all gone forever and I wish you could feel what it feels like to have them gone. Physically there is absolutely no comparison.

I am NOT a vegan for political reasons. I don’t really care whether animals are killed for food. I am a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle person because that is what it took to undo the damage of the Standard American Diet in my life.

It’s completely your choice, and a very personal one. The key is  A REASON or two (Christ being the main one)  and then educating yourself as to what all those food listed above actually do to you over time, slowly.

I hope you do much soul searching if you are already diabetic or have heart disease or any other nutrition related issue and you don’t think you can do this.
You can, with Christ….you can.

“I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live!” Galatians 2:20a

Come along with me on this incredible journey back to health!


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