Back to the Green Smoothie!

It has been a while since we talked about Green Smoothies.

I will be continuing on with  my series on greens, but I wanted to take this little break to remind you that drinking a Quart of Green Smoothie everyday is the best foundation for your road back to health.  

First of all, you need way more greens in your life than you can sit down and just eat every day.  So, the only way to get that to happen is to put them in your smoothie.  That way you get 15 servings of greens every day and that is 5 more than the minimum we should eat.  It would get really old and you would not be consistent if you tried to chew that many greens every day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a good salad is extremely good for you IF you don’t put dressings with dairy, animal fat, bad oils or sugars in them, and is also very tasty with the amazing homemade healthy dressings you can make in your power blender.  But no matter how yummy your salad is or can be, you would get so tired of eating that much in greens everyday.

You don’t have to worry about that.

Also, remember that we are to get 40+ mg of fiber everyday.  You might be able to do that for a few days if you worked really hard, but eventually you would not be able to be consistent everyday for the long haul.  But with Green Smoothies you can accomplish your first 35 mg every day and only have 5-15 more mg to go each day! 

With a bowl of oatmeal or some legumes added in, that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.  See how much easier it would be to keep up your health if you just added that one thing to your daily diet.  Super easy!  I know this may be hard to believe, but once your body gets used to having a Green Smoothie, you will be amazed at how you crave that to be in your system.

You can almost feel it going to every cell in your body and nourishing you as it goes!

“I could never do that”, you say!  Well, never say never, because often, later on, you find yourself doing the very thing you said you would never do!

This way of living is at least 75% easier to do IF you start your day GREEN!!! (or at least one time during the day you drink a green smoothie.  If you don’t like the color green put lots of blueberries in it!

Then it will be purple!

Happy Blending!

Note:  I have said this before, but a Vita Mix or Bend Tec power blender is a must have for the person who is serious about changing their health!


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