Why Water?

You have heard this all your life. Drink more water. Most of us do not drink nearly enough water each day. There are probably as many reasons why that is so as there are people who don’t drink enough water. It is not easy to get into the habit of drinking enough water. BUT, it can be done.

Many people don’t realize the whys of drinking MORE water. There are many reasons. I will name a few. First of all, it is crucial to digestive health. It helps “move things along”. Second, if you are consuming 40-50 g of fiber per day, which is what we are supposed to do for optimum health, you need that water to keep things going. Eating lots of fiber and not drinking water can cause a lot of constipation and slow digestive movement. This is not good. We want the toxins and waste out of our bodies quickly.

Third, our bodies are 70% water. We need to eat foods that have lots of water in them. That would be fruits and veggies. We should be eating 70% of our diet in food that is mostly water. The earth is 71% water and our bodies are 70% water. Water is extremely important in our bodies for them to function right.

Here are some suggestions to get more water in your daily routine.

Drink alkaline water or spring water for the healthiest sources of water.

Have bottles or glasses of water in several places in your home that you spend time; by the computer, on the side table next to your favorite chair, in the kitchen, in the bathroom.

When you see your water bottle or glass chug some water!

Get a BPA free plastic bottle for the car and always keep it full.

Take a bottle of spring water with you every time you go somewhere.

Fill up a pitcher of water every morning and make sure it is empty every night before you go to bed. Line up how many bottles of water you plan to drink every day on the counter and keep drinking until they are gone.

Every time you want coke or iced tea drink water instead. Drinking sodas and coffee, tea and milk and counting the water in them as your water is not good.

Just pick one or two of these ways to drink more water.  Pick something that fits your lifestyle the best.  It’s such a simple thing……we need to do it!

This is one of the simplest things we can do for good health. Let’s start drinking more water!!


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