Mother/Daughter Afternoon!

While our family was all together after Christmas our girls and I went out for an afternoon of fun together. The guys, Lyle, Jeph and Kane were kind enough to watch all 9 children at our house while we were out. (Michael had to work). The girls decided that we could go to MY FAVORITE RESTAURANT (where I have choices for a change) since we had been making lots of food at our house that I could not eat. It was sweet of them to humor me that way! We went to Eden Alley on the Plaza! I have already written one post about Eden Alley, but it is such a fun and good eating place even for non-vegans that I do think it is worth mentioning once again on my blog. : )

We decided to eat lunch then walk around the corner to the Cinemark Palace Theatreand see the movie New Year’s Eve! It was a perfect day for me. Spending time with all 3 of our girls for an afternoon. Those days are not possible often. Again, thanks guys for taking care of the little ones for us!

We all got different dishes and since this blog is about healthy eating mostly, of course I am going to talk about our food. I had falafel for the first time! Yummy! Here is a picture of my dish:
I had never tried falafel yet, but now I want to make it myself. It was very good!

Tara had Dawn’s Pasta. It looked really good and she said it really was!

Jana had Tomato Bruchetta! It looke really yummy! She also said it was very good!

Heidi had a Sweet Potato Burrito! She let me try it! It was wonderful! She also had some Tomato Bisque soup! Very Very good!!

All in all it was a GRAND AFTERNOON! Thanks again to the guys for making it possible! Buckets of Blessings!


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