How’s it going so far?….for me….and for YOU!

I suppose many of you who read this blog would like an update on how my new lifestyle is going? If you faithfully read you have a pretty good idea already, but here are some things I haven’t really talked about in detail. This has been the most incredible journey and I just can’t believe how much better I feel. Since July 1, 2011 til now, January 17, 2012 I have lost 42 pounds. I have gone from 33 Body Mass Index which was considered obese to a 25 BMI which is almost in the normal range. 24.9 is normal and I am 25.2 which is at the very bottom of overweight according to the chart. Just a couple more pounds and I will be NORMAL!!!!! Yay!! My goal is to be at a 22-20 BMI, which means I have 15-20 more pounds to lose. I really haven’t done any of this Lifestyle change to lose weight. That is just a byproduct of eating healthy and taking away all saturated fat! I have dropped 4 sizes during this time and almost completely replaced my wardrobe 2 times! I am thankful to God for great Thrift stores in our area!

I feel like moving instead of sitting still. I used to sit way more than was healthy for me. I just FEEL like doing things that I used to pass up. It is a great feeling to know that I don’t have to fear going to the doctor anymore, at least not having caused the problem myself by the way I eat!
I have not had any colds this winter or soar throats or flu or flu like symptoms! That is amazing considering my past during the winter! I seem to not need nearly as much sleep as I used to. I almost consider it “fun” to go to a restaurant and see what they offer that I CAN eat! Sometimes that’s more of a challenge than at other times. I have learned to cook veggies I didn’t even know existed and have experienced far more of God’s amazing variety in the food He created! I have learned that people are generally really supportive of my life changes and are encouraging, not discouraging. It has been helpful to have some knowledge of a whole foods plant based lifestyle when people ask me questions about it.

Recently I had a scare, though. At the risk of thinking I am being to personal here, I am sharing this with you because this blog is about my journey and the purpose of writing is so that someone else that is struggling with the same issues in health can be encouraged along the way in some way. That is why I am sharing this. It is real and it is part of the journey here on this earth. It is a way to remind my readers that God is sovereign over all things, even the minutest details of our lives. About 11 days ago at night I discovered a lump in my breast. I was scared. I didn’t tell my husband about it that night (still reeling from the discovery), I waited until the next evening (a Sunday evening) and then I shared that news with him. I called the doctor the next day and went it to have it checked. The doctor measured it at 4CM which was a pretty good size. I kept thinking, the way I have been eating and the fact that I nursed our babies for a sum total of 6.5 years this couldn’t possibly be cancer! I knew if it was God would give me the strength to walk through whatever was coming. I had peace in that. But nevertheless I had it checked out. The gynecologist told me to make an appointment with the breast specialist/surgeon and then he ordered imaging to be done before I went to that appointment. He said, I don’t think this is something to worry about but you have to follow through and have it checked out. The next morning I woke up after having prayed much about this, and the lump was noticably smaller. I called the doctor and asked him if I could wait a bit before paying for the imaging and the other appointment to see if it resolved itself. He said I could wait but that is had to completely resolve or I needed to have it checked out. I do not know what it actually was, but I had read about menopausal mastitis and a couple of other possibilities. I am not sure what it was, but it is about 90% resolved today and with no antibiotic, or any other type of treatment. It is so small now I would never have noticed it if it had been that size to start with. Of course I am praising God in that! Let me say that I have friends who have not had this outcome, and the only way I can explain it is that we do not understand what God has planned for each of us. I can tell you that this experience has once again caused me to look at how fleeting our life here on earth is and also as a great reminder of how we need to live each moment glorifying Him and making HIS name GREAT!

I know that affirmatively answered prayer is the reason it went down so fast and I know that eating right probably made a difference in what happened next. I know of people who have had stage 3 breast cancer and opted to fight with nutrition and it has worked. I am not saying that is a guarantee, however. God is in control and His plan prevails regardless of what we do. But, just mindlessly treating our bodies badly by a sedentary lifestyle and eating too much saturated fat and processed grains and sugars do not put us in the best position to experience the benefits of a healthy life! I do not think this is or was cancer, but whatever it was, nevertheless it is going away (almost completely gone) and I KNOW that the right diet didn’t hurt any, and very likely helped it to turn around so fast! God used that to encourage me. He meets us where we are, but we cannot abuse ourselves and then expect good health. It just doesn’t work that way. I have found God to meet me all along this journey and encourage me in ways that are hard to put into words. We must be good stewards of what we have been given, and He more that meets us there! This in itself is amazing because life in NOT about us, it is about HIM, yet He lovingly shows us mercy and grace everyday even when we live in such a way where we are saying “with our lives” ….it’s about ME! He is so very patient and longsuffering with us all! Praise God from Whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!

I watched a documentary called The Gerson Miracle (check it out on instant play on Netflix or get from which is well worth the watch and on that video Charlotte Gerson said, “imagine living your life eating a whole foods plant based only diet and never having to worry about finding a lump in your breast!” That was a very encouraging statement to me. I did find one, but it went away on it’s own very quickly. Yes, I can imagine a world like that. No guarantees, but I have no doubt that my choices of late and God’s help in the process are the way to live the healthiest life possible, at least for me. We are what we eat, afterall!

The title of this blog post includes you. If any of you who have been walking along a similar journey of improving your health with nutrition, please let me and the other readers of this blog know about it. Please share your comments. It would be most encouraging to us all! I want to know: How is it going so far? : )


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