How to incorporate the WONDER of Chia Seeds into your diet!

Two blogs ago, I told you have absolutely wonderful Chia seeds are for you, so if you want to know the why go back two blog posts to find out!

Now we are going to explore HOW to get Chia into your diet regularly so you can have ALL THOSE BENEFITS!

My very favorite way to eat Chia seeds is in Chis Pudding. You can make it any flavor you want. My favorite 2 are vanilla and chocolate. You just won’t believe how easy it is to do!
If you like Tapioca pudding you will especially like chia pudding. I loved tapioca pudding, but in my new world that is no longer something I want to put into my system, but this makes me not miss that treat anymore!

To make the vanilla version you need for 1 serving:
1/4 cup dry chia seeds
1 cups unsweetened coconut milk, almond milk or any other unsweetened nut milk that you like. I prefer almond or coconut for this version. (make sure it is unsweetened)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract and or some ground up vanilla bean if you have it available
honey or maple syrup to taste (some use agave but just a warning, it is a processed food) (natural sweeteners are honey, maple syrup and molasses) By natural we mean it comes to us in it’s original form, not processed at all.)

One serving WILL fill you up!

To make more of this just remember the liguid (nut milk) should be 4X the amount of Chia seeds

Now just stir this all together. Wait 10 minutes and restir. Then put in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. This pudding will keep for several days, so you could make more and enjoy it throughout your week!

In the chocolate version you use whatever nutmilk you choose (I like coconut for this one), about 1 TB raw cacao powder or cocoa powder (not sweetened) in addition to the other ingredients. I still use some vanilla. You could add carob chips, almonds or whatever else. Stir, stir again in 10 minutes and refrigerate. If I make more of this one I don’t add the nuts until I eat it.

There are many more flavors you can try. You could add some pumpkin (as part of your liquid) and cloves, nutmeg cinnamon and raisins for a fall Holiday treat. Just play with your food and see what suits you! Enjoy!

There are much quicker ways to get chia into your diet.
1) Sprinkle on your salads, much the same way you would sprinkle poppy seeds or sesame seeds on your salad.
2) Add chia seeds to a glass of water (1-2 TB) add lemon and honey and drink – a super power drink
3) Add chia seeds to your favorite yogurt or smoothie
4) Add to your oatmeal, or any breakfast cereal
5) Add to salad dressing to thicken them up
6) shake on homemade fruit ice cream or any treat for a nice pleasant crunchiness

Of course, sprouting them is an option. This is not as easy as sprouting most seeds. I suggest you look on the internet for ideas about sprouting chia seeds. I am still learning this art.
But chia sprouts are so amazingly full of nutrients to put on any salad and other dishes you make.

I hope this helps you come up with ways to deliciously get more Omega 3 into your diet.


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