An update on my progress and my last doctor visit for anyone who is following this for encouragement!

Many of you who have been following my blog might be curious about how the latest doctor visit for a regular check up went for me. It has now been 8 months since I had the high blood sugar that started this journey. At this point in that journey I am 44 pounds lighter, I still have lots of energy, and not one bite of meat has crossed my lips since July, 2011. That, I believe is a major part of the key to reversing my diabetes. The reason, as I have mentioned at the first of this blog is that when you are diabetic and have other problems that go along with diabetes, watching carbs is not nearly enough if you don’t want to rely on medication in the end. The reason is that the carbs are not what CAUSED the problem in the first place. Well, let me rephrase that. Processed carbs are a factor, but it is always a combination of things, and meat plays a HUGE role in the cause. You see, your cells are supposed to open their doors easily to let glucose into them. Insulin created by your pancreas is what brings the glucose to your cell. But, because of too much meat in our Standard American Diet which is saturated fat, over time it gums up the cells and the doors to the cells cannot unlock or open easily. So our body makes more insulin to compensate and for a while that works and we don’t know there is a problem. ( I am talking about a Type 2 diabetic) not one who as a young child ends up with no insulin because of a virus that attacks your beta cells and leaves you with no insulin) I am talking about the person who is probably over weight, an adult and at some point finds out they have a problem with diabetes or insulin resistance. By the time this happens (although in America more and more kids are being diagnosed with this type of diabetes because of very poor diet) you are no longer in the category where you can eat meat but just “cut back.” Someone who’s body has handled this better and does not have diabetes might be able to just cut back and get results, but most of the time, taking meat out of your diet is the only way you have hope of actually reversing this process, getting off the medication and actually getting better. You must take the saturated fat out of your life so you cells can start to clean the gunk out the their door locks so the insulin doesn’t have to work so hard. If you do not make a drastic change, you will ultimately run low or run out of insulin and you will have to go on insulin or you will die. BUT, if you take the meat away AND take the refined carbs away and keep them away, your body has a chance to do what it was made to do and start fixing things. It does not happen overnight, and it DOES NOT happen by doing the same as you have been doing, but now just in moderation. You MUST start giving your body whole plant based food and a little of only good oil – unrefined virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and rarely some walnut or almond oil. AND these fats must be used in moderation. You cannot eat bread made with processed grains. You cannot eat bread that has ANYTHING but WHOLE wheat for the whole ingredients. In other words, when the bread company lists the ingredients and it says whole wheat flour, then it says wheat flour or fortified wheat flour DO NOT EAT IT!!!!! It must be 100% whole wheat and the label does not tell you, the list of ingredients only tells you this information. If there is anything in the list of ingredients involving grain and the grain does not have the word WHOLE in front of it every time it lists the grain DO NOT BUY IT or eat it if you want to reverse diabetes!

Now, back to the visit. I had gone off my cholesterol meds 1 month after the last checkup before this one, and so that was 5 months prior to this visit. I was very nervous to find out if my cholesterol was OK. Lyle and I eat oatmeal every morning and I am taking a natural supplement called Cholesterice which I had researched as a natural means to lower cholesterol. I started out 5 months ago doing a 30 day liver cleanse after going off my statin drug for cholesterol control. Then I had been taking Cholesterice and eating NO saturated fat. Like I said, I was nervous because I had no idea what my labs would show. My wonderful doctor and myself had been somewhat disagreeing on this subject, because he was concerned about my cholesterol being too high, and I was concerned about side effects of the drug. So I did this without telling him. I was not sure how it was going to turn out. BUT, when he got into the room and gave me my reports they were pretty good. My cholesterol was slightly higher than I wanted. Total was 227. LDL (Bad) was 133, and HDL (Good was 65), but it was not really bad at all considering I had been off statins for 5 months! He was actually pleased because my triglycerides were 145, which meant they were lower than they had been even on the meds AND they were in the normal range! Overall it was a great report, and my A1C was great for someone who has been diabetic for over 10 years and considering I had been off all diabetic meds for the last 8 months! It was 6.3! If you remember back to the beginning of my blog when I discovered it was 11.1 on July 1st, that is amazingly good. The only meds I take now is for a little high blood pressure and it is improving and getting closer and closer to normal! I wanted to share this post with those who were curious if I am sticking to it and if my labs continue to be where they should be. The answer is yes! I praise God for all of this! He is the one who made our bodies and when we do what they need they generally respond very quickly! I am sticking to this for the long haul. I don’t even miss the meat anymore. I do still miss Krispy Kreme donuts and Coca-Cola, but they are not part of my life anymore. I just have learned to not give in to desires that ultimately hurt me. God is so good at giving me that strength. When I am weak He in me is strong!

Now, my reward is not something to eat that is only a reward to my tastebuds, but NOT to my body. My reward is great numbers and visit at the doctor’s office, and the peace of knowing that at least I am not contributing to my demise by what I eat. My children and grandchildren will not blame ME for leaving this world early! I might leave it early, but it won’t be because I took myself there! That means a lot to me and I hope to them as well! Just sayin…… : )


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