One of my favorite suppers! Brown Rice Stir Fry

Some of you have asked me what I eat for supper. I eat many different things. Sometimes a smoothie if I did something else for lunch. Sometimes I eat veggies, raw or cooked. Sometimes I eat salads with home made healthy dressing. But this is one one my staples that I can always fix because I always have a few veggies around.
This is an easy supper, a tasty supper (or lunch) and a healthy supper! Most of the time I have cooked brown rice on hand. When I run out I usually get out my Rice Cooker and cook 1 cup of brown rice in 2 cups of water. Then I put it in the refrigerator to make various things. Sometimes I make brown rice pudding…..YUMMY! That recipe will be in a future post. But sometimes I make a quick and easy and filling dinner with some veggies and the brown rice.

Ingredients: Brown rice already cooked. Some favorite veggies which include tomatoes, celery, bok choy green and stalk, cabbage,spinach, peppers, zucchini, summer squash (yellow), onion, sliced brussels sprouts or whatever you have on hand that you like to eat. This is a custom designed dinner to match your likes. It often varies based on what I actually have on hand. I do not go to store to buy ingredients specifically for this meal. I use this meal to use what I already have and need to use.

What I do: I cut up whatever veggies I am going to use. I use a Tablespoon or less of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and saute’ those veggies in that oil. If I am using tomatoes or greens I wait to add those until closer to the end of this process. Once the veggies are crisp tender I add the brown rice and saute it. I then add a touch of Nama Shoyu soy sauce (the best there is) for some flavor. I only add a scant tablespoon. I don’t want the soy to over power, just give a little flavor. Then I serve it up and enjoy!! This is sort of like eating a warm salad. Very comforting. I try not to eat cooked veggies all the time, because I like to get raw into my diet as much as possible, but there are times when a little slightly cooked veggies and some brown rice just hit the spot!

Another Version: I also do this same thing sometimes with a little bit of whole wheat penne pasta and it is very filling and a change of pace. I hope these ideas have helped your creative juices to get going. Bona Petite!


4 thoughts on “One of my favorite suppers! Brown Rice Stir Fry

  1. Hi Lori,
    My name is Debbi Gardner, I am Donna Hensley’s sister. I live in Florida and met you years ago at Calvary Baptist while visiting Donna. You may or may not remember, my husband was the one with brain cancer. He has since gone on to be with Jesus and I’ve remarried. (A long intro :/ sorry)

    I LOVE your blog! It is so similar to my story!!! So many of the things you talk about could have been written about me. I was scared into making drastic changes. Donna told me about green smoothie girl and I devoured her website then bought her 12 steps and a BlendTec! My blood sugar is normal, my A1c was 5.5 last week and I’ve lost 20 pounds and have so much more energy! I didn’t realize how bad I felt until I started feeling good! It is good to have a doctor that is on board with this kind of plan rather than just prescriptions doled out.

    We just called United Airlines to see if I may take my blender as a carry-on for vacation, I can’t imagine going without a smoothie for two weeks!

    Thanks for sharing, you do my heart and resolve good!

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