No Fat, No Sugar, Fabulous Poppyseed Dressing

If you are serious about your health and are trying to eat more greens (salads, etc.), you are discovering that there are slim to no salad dressings you can buy that don’t have sugar or the wrong kind of oil, not to mention many ingredients you can’t even pronounce let alone know what they are and what they do to you. When you learn to make salad dressing yourself you will never even be tempted to go back to those bottles in the grocery store that you have been so used to using.

I will share some different ideas in the future blogposts about more salad dressings, but this one I share today is one of my absolute favorites! It has such good taste plus it is 100% fat free and sugar free!

To make this dressing you need a blender. Preferably a power blender like a VitaMix or a Blendtec.
I have a VitaMix Pro 500 and it has 3 programmed settings on it. That makes it easier because you don’t have to figure out how long to blend. But that is not an insurmountable obstacle if you don’t have this same blender. Here goes:

1 cup cold pure water
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs Organic)
1 thin slice of onion, peeled
3/8 cup of Agave Nectar ( 1/4 + 1’2 of that 1/4 again)
1 teaspoon of dry mustard
1 teaspoon salt (OHCS if you have it) (see 1 post back)
2 Tablespoon corn starch
1 Tablespoon poppyseeds

Place all the ingredients EXCEPT poppyseeds into the Blender container in the order listed and secure the top. Select Frozen Desserts Program (or turn on high for about 60-120 seconds until very well blended) Press start and allow the machine to complete the cycle unless you are doing it manually then follow directions in the ( ). Remove the lid and add the poppyseeds. Pulse blender until seeds are spread througout the liquid.
Pour into a 1 QT microwaveable bowl. Cook in microwave on high for 2 minutes. Stir with a whisk to smooth out mixture and cook for 2 more minutes on high. Stir, put in pint jar or container and put in refrigerator for several hours to cool. Serve and enjoy! You will love this dressing!

Because you use Agave and not Stevia or any artificial sweetener it does not have any aftertaste, except YUMMY!!!


OHCS-Original Himalayan Crystal Salt

 I have recently discovered this amazing salt.  It is all natural, and comes from a mountain in the Himalayas and it has all 84 trace minerals on the periodic chart that our bodies need.   The only things it does not have from the periodic table are the gases.  It is pure salt, not sodium chloride that we know as table salt with is a very refined substance that our bodies don’t really know what to do with.  This table salt is a major part of the high sodium and high blood pressure that many in our country suffer with.  Original Himalayan Crystal Salt is mined and it comes straight to you without processing.  There are many many imitations of this Himalayan salt out there.  Pink Himalayan Salt, etc.  Do not be fooled by these because many times they do not come from this pure source.  Sea salt is the 2nd best thing you can use.  Especially Celtic Sea Salt.  However, because of so many contaminants in the ocean it does require some processing before it gets to your salt shakers.  Make sure if you are going to make this change in the salt you use to get genuine OHCS.  You can get this salt through website (see link below) or through Amazon (see link below).  If you go to Amazon be sure and only get Original Himalayan Crystal Salt and no other!

A good thing to do with this salt to make sure you get all the trace minerals every day carried straight to your tissues is to make a mixture called “Sole” with your salt, and drink a teaspoon of “sole” every morning first thing in 16 ounces of pure water.  After sleeping your body needs hydration as the very first thing and what better way to give it than to put all 84 trace minerals in with it and drink it down.  This alone could have a profound affect on your health!  The way to make “sole” is to get a jar with a lid.  Put some OHCS in the bottom of the jar.  Basically cover the bottom of the jar with OHCS.  Water will only take on so much salt until it cannot take any more in.  So, add pure water to the jar to the top.  Let it sit overnight.  In the morning, if there are still some crystals in the jar then your water is saturated with the OHCS.  This is “sole”.  Use 1 teaspoon of this mixture every morning in your water.  This will give you about 411 mg of salt for the day.  You are allowed about 2,500mg per day, so you still have room for some to put on your food later in the day. ( the average American gets 5,000 mg of sodium chloride= table salt!!)  As the jar starts to get emptied add more water.  If the crystals disappear then you need to add a few more until you see that there are some left in the bottom.  My husband and I have only been doing this about a week.  I will report back to you later and let you know if we notice any change in overall health from this process.  Happy hydrating!!

I get this coarsely ground and use a salt mill to add salt to food.  You can get the finer grind, but I have not tried making “sole” with the finer grind. You can also get the stones and make “sole” from that.  But I only wanted to buy one size so I chose the size that had little “stones” and would fit in my salt mill.

From those who have done this they recommend doing this very highly.  It makes sense to me.  Just knowing that we are getting all the trace minerals we need is a good feeling!

Part 2 of Dehydrating

Teriyaki Almonds

First, you need to know that finding truly raw almonds outside of California is very difficult. When you see on a package that it says Raw Almonds and it came out of California (for now, anyway) it is really not truly raw because all almonds coming out of that state by law has to be pasteurized, which raises the temperature about 118 degrees, therefore all the enzymes are gone. So, when you find almonds that are truly raw you will know that. There are a few farms in California you can buy directly from, but they are hard to find. Once or twice a year has a group buy and if you live local in that state close to where she is they get some directly from a farm in California. I go some truly raw from Whole Foods once and they sprouted, but that was only once. If they have been pasteurized they will not sprout. This is no impossible but to find a way can be expensive.

So, here is the recipe: and it is full of live enzymes assuming you have found a source of truly raw almonds online somewhere, or at a local market.

10 Cups of raw almonds, soaked overnight or for a few hours and then dehydrated at 105 degrees for approximately 6 hours or overnight.
1/2 cup chopped dates, soaked and drained
2/3 cup of Braggs Liquid Aminos or Nama Shoyu (see yesterday’s blog) You can get these at Whole Foods.
2 TB agave (raw, organic) At whole foods, some grocery stores and Costco
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp prepared brown mustard

Blend all ingredients high speed blender on high until smooth. Pour into a bowl, add the dehydrated almonds and stir well. Let the mixture sit for an hour to allow the nuts to absorb the liquid, then stir again. Spread the nuts on Teflex sheets in a dehydrator. (see yesterday’s post). Dry at 105 degrees for about 16 hours. Place the nuts on mesh sheets and dry again until crunchy (about 10 hours)

All I can say is: these are worth the wait!!


If you are going to be serious about changing your lifestyle or improving your health, besides a power blender for smoothies, dressings and soups, you will need a food dehydrator.  It is a way to get the most in the way of enzymes from some foods and a way to make very healthy snacks for when you get the urge to just “crunch something!”

If you are like I was, you think or thought that dehydrating was just something you might do with fruit to preserve it, like dehydrated apples.  Well, as yummy as dehydrated apples are, and the fact that they make a great snack, especially for travel, that is not the only purpose for a dehydrator.  A dehydrator is the best friend to someone who understands that sprouting unlocks the enzymes and makes the food alive in raw almonds, flax seed, garbanzo beans, and many other beans and seeds.  Two of my very favorite snacks to make using sprouting and the dehydrator are flax seed crackers and teriyaki almonds.  Also I make some awesome tasting corn/cilantro chips too!  That way when I really want to crunch something but I can’t have chips that are processed, I eat my flax seed crackers.  I take them with me to a mexican restaurant and order guacamole and I use my flax crackers in place of the tortilla chips.  It completely satisfies me and I really enjoy the fellowship and the meal, even though it is not what everyone is having!  I also take the corn cilantro chips with me too!  I am going to share the flax seed cracker recipe and the teriyaki almonds.  They are both recipes I got from  Her website it awesome.  She sells some little recipe books, but these 2 recipes also come in her 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course, which I highly highly recommend to anyone who is really ready to take back their health.  It takes you 1 step at a time, one month at a time from the Standard American Diet to a healthy whole foods diet.  It goes slowly and takes a whole year unless you want to move faster.  There are great recipes in every step.  These 2 recipes come from step 7 which is sprouting and dehydrating!

By the way, there is a video on where she makes these flaxseed crackers.  That video was my inspiration! Watch it here:     (scroll to bottom of the page)

Flax Veggie Crackers

Soak in 4 C water for several hours:        4 C  Whole Flax Seeds (3 C brown,  1 C golden)

1 C  Raw sunflower seeds

Shred in food processor, or very finely dice:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1 red bell pepper

2 carrots

Puree’ in high powered blender:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               4 tomatoes

2 stalks celery

4 cloves of garlic peeled

1/3  C Nama Shoyu (organic unpasteurized soy sauce found at Whole Foods or online)

Note:  You will love this stuff!  Plus, you can use it in salad dressings and stir fry.  You have NEVER tasted soy sauce like this before! *

1 tsp. sea salt

1 TB chili powder

Mix all three mixtures together well, by hand, and spread about 1/4″ thick on plastic dehydrator sheets.  Note: If you get the gardenmaster dehydrator with 8 trays like the one pictured at the top it comes not only with the 8 regular trays but with 8 mesh seets and 8 teflex sheets for things like these flax crackers.  Well worth investing in this model because you don’t have to buy all those things extra later. Cut into cracker shapes and dehydrate at 105 degrees** until crackers are dry on top (about 24 hours).  Turn over, remove teflex sheets and finish drying until the crackers are crispy.  I don’t cut mine, I just break them into pieces after they are dry and ready to put in ziplock bags.

Here is the dehydrator I have from Amazon:

Stay tuned tomorrow for the teriyaki almond recipe!  Yummy!

Happy sprouting and dehydrating.  Sometimes having those truly healthy snacks available make all the difference in whether you can stick to this or not!

*Nama Shoyu                                                                                                Notice the 5 star rating at this amazon site for Nama Shoyu!

**This is why you need to dehydrate instead of cook things for them to be considered raw.  Anything that gets to over 118 degrees in food KILLS all the enzymes.  Under that temperature you still have the live enzymes in your food.  This is why a dehydrator is so valuable.  There are many things you can do with a dehydrator and not kill enzymes which are vital to our health, but we do not make after our 30’s in our bodys.  We need to consume them for proper digestion and health.  So sprouting unlocks the enzymes and like in the seed or nut, and dehydrating doesn’t destroy that process!

Avocado Tomato Salad

This is the most amazing tastying simple salad.  I think this is one of the very favorite of my new recipes! It is low in carbs, nutritious, and full of only the good fat that needs to be in our diet.  We need to keep even those fats to a minimum so we shouldn’t eat this recipe non-stop, but when you want a real treat, this is it!!


Avocaco 1-2 cups

Tomato (ripe, juicy and full of flavor) 1-2 cups [ratio to your taste, but 1/2           tomato and half avocado is what I like)

Chopped Raw Almonds – coarsely chopped (1/4 cup or heaping 1/4 cup)

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt or Sea Salt

Optional:  Leeks, celery, dill, tsp lemon juice (fresh), corn (frozen, but thawed), cilantro, freshly cooked no salt added black beans, etc.  Be creative!

Take a ripe, but not overly ripe avocado, slice it and then cut it the other way so you have nice bite size chunks.  You can add the same amount of tomato or more or less to your liking.  I usually do 1 large avocado to about 3 Campari tomatoes.  These are tomatoes that are about twice the size of cherry or grape tomatoes and are round and usually you can buy them at Sam’s or Costco in a little tray with the vine still attached.  The main thing is to get ripe, juicy, very good tasting tomatoes for this recipe. ( I highly recommend these tomatoes).   Then get some raw almonds (I sprout and dehydrate mine- more on that in an upcoming post) and you chop the raw almonds slightly until they are about 1/4 the size of whole.  Use about 1/4 + cup of these almonds.  Add a little ground Original Himalayan Crystal Salt OHCS (or sea salt) and that is it!!  You can also add other things for optional tastes.  Sometimes I add a little celery for additional crunch. You could add a handful of frozen corn after thawing it.  You could add dill, or a tiny bit of lemon juice. (You do not have to add lemon juice to keep the avocado green, however, because the juices from your tomato do the same thing).  The simpler this salad is the better it will taste.  The flavor just bursts in your mouth.  For those who are trying to eat predominantly raw this is the recipe for you.  Nothing cooked so you get ALL the enzymes available!  Happy eating!

My food pyramid



For a Quick Glance at what my daily intake of foods looks like here it is:
The only difference for me is that I cannot eat fruit liberally. I can eat veggies liberally, however.  I cannot eat fruit liberally because of it raising my blood sugar too high. That is because I already have diabetes. If I had followed this earlier in my life I COULD eat fruit liberally.  I also have to watch the amount of grains I consume at a time,  for the same reason.

Remember that green smoothies are a big part of how this is all doable.  I am sharing this just to help someone who may be trying to make these changes to reverse diabetes or to prevent it. : )

This is what is known as a WHOLE FOODS PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE.

The China Study


There is a book out by Dr. Colin Campbell, PHD and his son, Thomas M. Campbell, MD that will totally change the way you look at food. It is called THE CHINA STUDY. Check your library to see if they have it. Check it out and read it! The New York Times called it “The study can be considered the Grand Prix of Epidemiology.”

Here is what the back of the book says:

“By any measure, America’s health is failing. We spend far more, per capita, on health care than any other society in the world, and yet two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and more than 15 million Americans have diabetes. We fall prey to heart disease as often as we did thirty years ago. The War on Cancer, launched in the 1970’s has been a miserable failure. Half of all Americans have a health problem that requires taking a prescription drug every week, and more than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol.

To make matters worse, we are leading our youth down a path of disease earlier and earlier in their lives. One-third of the children in this country are overweight or at risk of becoming overweight. Our kids are increasingly falling prey to a form of diabetes that used to be seen only in adults, and children now take more prescription drugs than ever before.

These issues all come down to three things: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The China Study presents a clear and concise message of hope as it dispels a multitude of health myths and misinformation:  If you want to be healthy, change your diet.”

Make thy food thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food. ~ Hypocrates

You can either check it out at your local library of just buy it. You will want to own it once you start reading it! Happy reading!

What foods prevent cancer? What are some foods that can contribute to cancer?

First 10 foods that help prevent cancer:

1. grapefruit

2.  peanut butter on whole wheat bread

3. berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

4. sweet potatoes

5. wild salmon

6. ground flax seed

7. tumeric

8. tea (especially green tea)

9. cruciferous vegetables (brocolli, cauliflower, cabbage)

10. pomegranates

For more details check out the website below:

Eating processed meats is JUST PLAIN NOT GOOD FOR YOU AT ALL!!

Dairy Products are linked to higher risk of cancer.

Sunday Dinner!


Today I had some family over for lunch.  We were having Spaghetti.  Yes, they did want meat in their sauce.  So, I made myself some sauce without meat.  I also wanted a little bit of whole wheat penne pasta, but knew I couldn’t eat a lot.  I got an idea and it worked great and it was soooooo good!  I steamed some of those skinny fresh french type green beans (just a handful) to mix with the penne so I could have a little of the pasta but not very much.  It worked great and it was very tasty, actually it was a real treat.  My family had meat sauce and my daughter and I had my non meat very rich tasting sauce.   ( I used the steamer basket in my rice cooker to steam the green beans while I got the rest of the meal ready. )

I actually got this sauce recipe from a Rachel Ray recipe for Rattatoui.  It was so good it will now be my recipe for spaghetti sauce!  Here is the recipe for that sauce with one added ingredient.

1 medium onion chopped

2 TB Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3 garlic cloves minced

2 roasted red peppers, skinned (I bought a jar of these in water and a little salt) and chopped

Cook this over medium heat for about 5 minutes until the onions are turning clear.  Put this mixture in your food processor and puree along with one 8 oz (small) can of Hunts tomato sauce.  Process until nice and smooth.

2 packets of Truvia (Stevia) for a sweeter taste (this is my added ingredient) Serve immediately!

(I used to put a little sugar in my homemade meat sauce so I thought the sweetening would be a nice touch.  It was perfect!  So try this out sometime.  The amazing flavor that the red pepper gives this sauce is superb!! )

Helpful Tips

Here are some helpful tips I have learned through this process that might save you time by not having to figure them out on your own:

*If you are concerned about how much fruit is in your green smoothie use less banana and add a 1/2 Avocado to the smoothie to replace the reduced banana.

*If you only use 1/2 of an avocado at a time and you don’t want the other half to turn brown too fast from oxidation, use the 1/2 that releases from the seed first, leave the seed in the 1/2 you are storing and put plastic wrap tightly around that half and refrigerate. You will be amazed at how the avocado stays green!

*For a quick lunch when you are on the go, pick this up at Costco:
Tasty Bite Brand – Madras Lentils
This product comes in a yellow box with 4 microwaveable pouches inside. One pouch has 2 servings of the very tasty lentil and red bean chili with sauce and tomatoes. It has 2 ingredients pretty far down on the list of fresh ingredients that fudge a little on the no dairy rule. It has a small amount of cream and a small amount of butter. But, it is far better than many things you could eat, and very hearty if you are on the go and don’t have time to stand at the stove and mix up your own yummy chili!

*If you get a sweet tooth for something you have been used to eating from time to time, try the recipe and substitute whole grain wheat flour that you grind in your wheat mill in place of white flour, applesauce for the egg or eggs and agave nectar for the sugar. Sometimes these ideas work great, sometimes not as great, but it is worth experimenting.

*Eat at least 60-80-% raw to get the enzymes you need to properly use and process food in your body.

I get the munchies sometimes and just want to crunch something. I make flax seed crackers and they are virtually carbohydrate free but they are crunchy. I love to dip them in guacamole for a real treat. If I go to a mexican restaurant with my family I order guacamole and bring flax crackers along with me so I am not tempted to eat the chips! It really works!

Buy a vegetable curler called a saladacco.  Here is one website you can look at about that:  

With some new tools like the saladocco, canal knife or vegetable curler you can make things look very fancy.  Sometimes presentation is very important.  There is youtube video that shows how to use some of these tools.      check this out!

I hope some of these ideas will help you to have fun with your new plan to eat a more healthy and raw diet.

Quick and Easy Stir Fry

This is one of my very favorite meals and so quick and easy!

I have to put a plug in for Costco at this point. Costco has a stir fry in it’s own brand that is outstanding!. They actually have 2 different frozen stir fries in their store brand name, Kirkland’s. I have only tried one (Stir Fry Vegetable Blend), but the veggies are so good you would swear they were cooked from fresh! Here is what I do:

I make cauliflower rice (see my post on cauliflower rice for the recipe).

While that is cooking I do this:

2 TB unrefined virgin coconut oil (I get this at Whole Foods, but you can also order online)
2 cloves of fresh garlic, minced
Kirkland’s Vegetable Blend Stir Fry (Costco)
Nama Shoyu to taste ( I get this also at Whole Foods, but you can get it online)
( this is the Cadillac of soy sauces, and you will not believe how good it tastes!)
Fresh Mushrooms (optional)

I heat the coconut oil in the skillet, while my cauliflower rice is cooking in the microwave
As soon as the oil is heated I add the minced garlic, saute’  for about 30 seconds by itself and then add the Veggie Blend Stir Fry to the skillet. (The amount varies depending on how much you are cooking. My husband and I both love this dish, so for us I would put enough veggies to cover the bottom of the skillet.)  I immediately begin tossing the veggies. They get brighter in color and I don’t cook them too much. I like the nice bright color and I like them a little crispy rather than soft. (about 4 minutes, the less cooking the better for your health)  I then put the Nama Shoyu soy sauce on the veggies just before I stop the cooking. You add this to your liking.

I take it off the burner and put the cauliflower rice on our plates and immediately split what is in the skillet onto both plates. My husband loves mushrooms, so if I have some fresh mushrooms on hand, I leave his portion in the skillet just a tiny bit longer and add the sliced fresh white button mushrooms to his stir fry and toss until the mushrooms are coated and started to get just a tiny bit soft! My husband doesn’t seem to really miss the meat in this meal.

Bonus: When I check my blood sugar after this dish, it has not spiked and that is the best part!!  This is an extremely low carb meal, only the carbs that are naturally in the veggies (and remember, your rice is another veggie!)

Super enzymes

One thing you can do to really vamp up the enzymes you are getting, which is the biggest health deficiency we have, is to sprout grains and seeds. You can sprout alfalfa, chia, brocolli, radish, clover and many more seeds. You can sprout quinoa, wheat, spelt, millet, kamut or any number of assorted grains. Actually quinoa is really a seed fruit but people use it more like a grain. The more variety of sprouting you do and put into your salads, green smoothies, homemade salad dressings or hot whole grain cereals and breads, the better your health will be. There are many places on the internet to learn what can be sprouted and many resource for equipment. The simplest way to sprout something is in the good ol’ Mason jar. You just need to go get some screen wire or a sheet of plastic craft mesh and cut a piece to replace the lid part of the mason jar. Put the cut out mesh inside the lid ring and you are in business!!  You can also use trays.  When I want to sprout more than a jar will hole I have a 3 tier tray with drain holes that I use.

You want to soak your seed or grain overnight in this jar. Put about 1/4 the jar full of seeds or grain in the pint or quart jar and fill the rest of the way with water. The next morning drain that water through your mesh lid and add more fresh clean water and shake around and pour it out. Turn the jar on it’s side and about 2 more times before bedtime rerinse once again. You might want to put it in a dark place, but if you put it into the cabinet, do not forget it is there and forget to rinse about 3 times per day. Depending on what you are sprouting, in a couple of days you will see sprouts fill up the jar. If you want the sprouts to green up set them by a window and rinse once a day for another day or two. Put is the refrigerator and they will keep for a week or so. Throw them in smoothies, on sandwiches, in salad dressing you make, on salads…just use your imagination! This is a great way to get consentrated goodness into your body. Here are some links to help you out with learning how to sprout.

You can sprout wheat to use in uncooked breads that you dehydrate instead.  You an sprout raw almonds by soaking them overnight, then rinsing.  You don’t sprout almonds the same way as seeds and grains.  You just soak overnight and then dehydrate to unlock all the life in them and they are then a lot better for your than just plain almonds.  NOTE: It is very difficult to get your hands on completely raw almonds because California has to pasteurize them before they leave the state and they grow about 90% of America’s almonds.  Ones that have been raised above 116 degrees will not sprout.  When you dehydrate sprouted raw almonds do not take the temperature 115 degrees in the dehydrator.

I sprout almonds at 105 degrees.

I encourage you to study more about this on the internet.  There is so much information about this subject! (5th video down on this page)

Galatians 2:20

I do not want to diminish in anyway how God has helped me to walk down this road and be successful.
He does not get out his magic wand and just make me not want the foods I used to eat, but he does help in so many amazing ways. Here are some of the the ways that He has helped me.

1. First of all, he made me. He made you. He made our bodies in such of way that if they have the proper fuel and not the improper fuel they will respond in amazing ways! I have abused food off and on for about my whole life, and I am certain that 20 years of insulin resistance added up to 10 years of medication controlled diabetes, because I was not willing do the research to find out how I could eat in such a way that my body would reverse the damage. But after 40+ years of abuse that my body has suffered at my hand ( some knowlingly and some not knowingly, but nevertheless at my hand) in just 4 short weeks it has responded so amazingly to giving it precisely what it needs!

2. That brings me to the second way He has helped me! His patience and longsuffering for me and for others in protecting us from total health failure while we continued along the path of abusing ourselves whether knowingly or unknowingly. We have all bought into the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and eaten things we know aren’t good for us and some things we didn’t know, but still were not good for us.

3. He has given me strength to carry on in this. He doesn’t do it without my participation, but when I got serious and then I started to miss something I used to eat, he helped me through all of that to the point of my not even wanting that food now. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Anyone could do this for a little while with the proper motivation and get results. You may or may not acknowledge God’s part in how your body responds, but you cannot, in your own strength continue to do this in this food crazed culture we now live in by your own strength. So, he lifts me up and gives me strength.

4. He makes our bodies so that when processed sugar is completely out of our system, vegetable taste better, fruit tastes sweeter, and that craving for sugar is gone. He also makes our bodies so that all the times we craved meat because of the fat it has in it, we won’t crave those things when that is also out of our system completely. I know, I know, you say, but meat is not bad for you. It may not be in small quantities, but if you are insulin resistant, or becoming insulin resistant animal fat will catapult you forward into full blown diabetes at some point in the future. So, if you have to have that meat, I understand…..I have been there for over 40 years!, just eat it in moderation and not at every meal and make sure you only eat a serving the size of a deck of cards or smaller.

5. He takes away my chains. There is a Christian song out now that is called, My Chains Are Gone. It is about how when Christ saves you he sets you free. The main part of the song says this:
My chains are gone, I’ve been set free. My God, my Savior has ransomed me. And like a flood, His mercy reigns, unending love, Amazing Grace. Well, I can tell you, MY CHAINS ARE GONE, I’VE BEEN SET FREE! This song is talking about our chains of sin are gone and now Jesus reigns in our hearts and we have been forgiven for all of our sin. And that is true for me, but He reached down after 50+ years and set me free from the chains of food. I was putting food in too high a place, and He has set me free from that forever!

6. There are so many little ways that He helps me along this journey, but everytime I read my glucose levels and they are normal, His design of our human bodies amazes me all over again!

I know that some who read this may not understand this post, but I would be amiss if I did not tell you where my strength actually comes from. If you do not know the Savior, and the Lord of Life, I urge you to pick up a Bible and read the Gospel accounts of who Jesus really is. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are a good place to start. Actually the whole Bible is a story about Jesus, not just the new Testament.

The Scripture that has been especially dear to me during the last 5 weeks of this journey is:
Galatians 2:20
” I am crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”

You see, if it is no longer I who lives that means I am dead to myself and alive to Christ. Well, if I am really dead, then I have no will about whether I eat roast beef or a salad. It is just necessary to eat to physically live but if I have died to self, then it stands to reason the dead people don’t care about what they eat, just that they get nourishment. So, it is no longer I who lives….
God Bless you!

A tip for a Southwestern Salad

Make your salad with whatever veggies you like or want on a Southwestern salad. I start with Romaine lettuce and build my salad with all the veggies that I want, then I add chopped up tomato or cherry tomatoes cut in half, then I throw a handful of black beans on the salad (I have cooked these ahead and have a baggie in the refreigerator for these types of things). Then I put some frozen corn in my Pampered Chef bar pan and put it in the oven on broil and keep a close eye on it. When you see a few pieces of the corn getting black on the corners take it out and toss this roasted corn on your salad. Yummy!

This is something I really like to do with my salad to change it up a bit.  Just about any dressing you make will be good on this salad.  If you have a tomato basil dressing recipe that would be especially good with this salad.



For those of you who have been following my blog, today was the doctor appointment I have been anticipating. I did something in this last week and a half that I really shouldn’t have done. I went off my diabetic medicine completely.  I should have told my doctor, but I knew that I had an appointment coming up very soon, so I didn’t. When my fasting blood sugar starting being lower than normal I had to quite taking it. With a little tongue in cheek he got on to me for not telling him. I explained to him why I did it, and that I didn’t call him to tell him. He was actually sort of kidding me. He admitted that I quit the pills at the exact right times. First the morning pill and then a few days later the night time pill. I was not sure how he would react to the fact that in 4 weeks I had gone from blood sugars way too high (325) to normal blood sugars, and finally, without any medicine. Now remember that I have been a diabetic for 10 years and been on oral meds that whole time. I was at the point where I was about to go on insulin if the sugar didn’t come down drastically and didn’t want to do that so I basically became a Vegan (see yesterday’s post) but I also don’t eat processed sugar of any kind, so actually I have become something I never ever thought I would become, sort of accidentally, I’m actually a stricter Vegan than many. Whew!!

Back to the doctor visit. He was so surprised at what had happened and he told me that I absolutely made his day. He is a Christian, so I guess you would say that we had a little rejoicing party right there in his office. He commenced doing my physical and told me while he was listening to my heart, etc. that he was so proud of me and thanked me for making his job so easy for him today. He knew that if he had to tell me I needed insulin he would have a fight on his hands, but he didn’t know it would turn out the exact opposite. I told him how much more energy I have and he said we would do appointments every 2 months for a while (but that I probably wouldn’t need them that long) and keep and eye on things. Then he was writing my prescriptions (for blood pressure – still a little high) and cholesterol[(which he said he expects I won’ t need very much longer!]) and he said, “so, I guess you don’t need a prescription for Glipizide (my oral diabetic medication) this time, then?” I said, “no I don’t!”  He just laughed! I was so excited! All that work seems more than worth it, especially having my doctor “with me” on this! This was a really great day!

My green smoothie recipe

Some of you may want to know exactly what I put in my green smoothie.  I tailor make mine to keep my blood sugar as low as possible. If you are not diabetic or you take medication and don’t want to try to do that, then you can add more fruit and a few less greens and you can add all other fruits higher in fructose than the berries I use. You can also add a whole banana instead of an avacado for the creaminess you may want. My husband likes frozen mixed fruit that you can buy at Walmart in a fairly good sized bag for around $8.  But this blog is about how I am taking control, with God’s help, of my blood sugar issues so this is what I put in my green smoothie:

My Green Smoothie
(1 qt each for 2 people)  I DRINK 1/2 OF THIS EVERY DAY, 1 QT.
(One whole container in the Vita Mix, 2 QT Capacity)


Start With

2 cups water in your Vita Mix or Blentec Blender
Greens to fill the container (spinach, bok choy, mixed greens, kale, collard greens, swiss chard, cilantro, etc.) A VARIETY IS BEST*


(turn on speed 2-3 and mix these 2 together)
Keep adding greens loosely and mixing until the mixture comes up 3/4 of the way up the container. ( the 6 cup line)  This turns out to be about 30 servings of greens according to the FDA.  You drink 1 QT a day, or 1/2 the blender full so you are getting approx 15 servings of greens in your green smoothie each day!

Add on top
1 apple (quartered) sometimes I substitute a peach or pear
1/2 frozen banana
(1/2 avacado for more creaminess)

(Optional list, added as you feel the need)

tumeric (1.5 tsp)
bee pollen 1 TB
Ginger pieces (1 TB) or fresh ginger (a 1/4 inch slice, peeled)
1 heaping soup spoon full of plain good yogurt ( I use Greek Yogurt, plain 0%fat)
Sprouts (1/2 cup or so) if I have some on hand
Flax seed (golden and dark, 1 TB each)
Flax seed oil ( a healthy squirt) This a a great source of Omega 3 in your diet!
Agave Nector or Stevia to taste (approx. 1 TB of Agave or 3.5-4 g Stevia) this is one packet Truvia or 2 of Purevia)
1/4 “ slice of lime, unpeeled
cayenne pepper (1 large pinch for anti inflammatory purposes)
cinnamon (2tsp-1TB for blood sugar control)

Then on top add:
Frozen Fruit
(strawberries. blueberries, or triple berry mix)**

** Turn Vita mix on High until smooth, about 2 minutes. Enjoy!***

***You may have to work up to this, especially if you really don’t like greens at all.  Use more fruit and less greens and slowly go the other way until you can use that many greens.  It is definitely worth the change in health to work yourself in that direction.

Animal Protein

When I started out on this journey I had no intention of becoming what some call a Vegan. I thought I would still eat 5% animal protein in some form or another, but as I do more research and read what some doctors say that have helped many reverse their diabetes, I can see that the one consistent factor they all agree on is the animal protein is what really caused the problem in the first place. Meat does not raise your blood sugar per se, but it is the one thing that caused a Type 2 diabetic’a problem: i.e. insulin resistance. (check out my previous post) I am not someone who gets all upset about the animals being abused, so I don’t think of myself as a Vegan politically, just for health reasons. I cannot tell you in these 3.5 short week how much better I feel. I am 56 years old and the last couple of weeks I feel like my energy levels would rival how I felt in my 30s! I am truly amazed at how God made our bodies to respond to the RIGHT fuel. There is no way to get anyone to understand this or make this change unless they get scared by their health, but it turns around and becomes the best thing that ever happened to you! Wow! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! My chains of food are gone! I am so thankful to my heavenly Father for the most amazing design of our bodies and for the strength of the Holy Spirit who lifts me up and gives me strength every day in a way that makes it seem like it is the best way and not the “I can’t have ____” way! Getting processed sugar and bad oils and animal fats out of your system actually diminishes your appetite and makes you satisfied with good foods (veggies, greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes) so you don’t really care about the old things at all!

The Biggest Problem for Type 2 Diabetics

The biggest issue with Type 2 diabetes is that the cells are “insulin resistant”. This is a problem, THE problem that caused their Type 2 diabetes in the first place. If a person is serious about lowering their medication or in some cases getting rid of their oral meds, this is an area that needs to be addressed and it needs to be very aggressively worked on. It is kind of like you are a soldier in the heat of the battle and the enemy is insulin resistance. There are ways to improve this problem in your body, but you must be diligent and continue these things as your lifestyle or you will end up right back where you were when you first decided you wanted to do something to have some control over the meds you take and whether you should go on insulin. Even if your doctor insists that you keep taking your meds, if you keep eating right and including the majority of this list of ways to lower insulin resistance into your lifestyle you will take less medication over time and/or lower your need for insulin.

Insulin resistance is when you cells sort of lock the doors and won’t let your natural insulin or the insulin injected do it’s job properly. Insulin’s job is to push extra glucose out of your blood and into your cells. This is what gives you energy. That is why when you were first diagnosed you probably lacked normal energy at least to some extent. When you have insulin resistance, it is like the cell’s doors are locked.
That is why knowing ways to lower that resistance is VITAL to your ongoing health.

Here are 14 ways to decrease insulin reisitance:

The ones with ** are the ones I do by drinking a green smoothie everyday!

1. Take all processed or refined sugar OUT of your diet COMPLETELY
2. Lots of Vitamin K is essential. The best source of this is leafy greens and the darker the better.
Examples: Spinach, Kale, Bok Choy, Chard, Collards, Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens and
yes, even dandelion greens! (Green smoothies is the only way you will get enough greens
to do this!)**
3. At least 15 minutes of high intensity exercise every day
4. Citrus peel extract (I put a lime slice and some lemon peel in my green smoothie every day to
accomplish this. Whenever you juice a lemon keep the peal and cut into pieces and put in a ziplock bag in the freezer for your smoothies! **
5. Flax seed – Alpha Lenoieic Acid (again, put this in your green smoothie)*
in her 12 Steps to Whole Foods has a wonderful recipe for flax seed crackers!
6. Resistance training (like you get at CURVES)
7. Low Glycemic Foods – to understand this Google it!  (this will take a little time to study and understand, but well worth the effort!)**
8. Chromium (you can get this is capsule form at your local health food store – it is called Chromium
9. WHOLE grains ONLY! no processed grains (rolled or steel cut oats, whole wheat grind yourself is best), spelt, quinoia, barley, buckwheat – hulled etc.)
10. Yoga
11. Tumeric – a wonderful spice. You can cook with it AND add a tsp in your green smoothie everyday**
12. Healthy sleeping patterns – doing all the right eating and these things above will probably insure
this will happen
13. Cinnamon – if you can’t cook enough things each day to get this, just….yeah your guessed it…..
….put it in your smoothie!!!**

14.  Taking all bad fats out of your diet.  Animal fat, vegetable oil, canola oil, etc.  Only use flax seed oil (not for cooking- put in smoothies**), unrefined virgin coconut oil and small amounts of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

If you incorporate all most of these things into your life daily, you will probably soon notice a change in your blood sugar readings, but only if you are eating a Whole Foods diet (lifestyle) at the same time.

I myself do all but 2.  I don’t do Yoga and I am not doing much resistance training as of yet, but this would be weights or Curves, basically.

I sincerely hope this helps you in some way.  As you can see, drinking green smoothies  (1 QT a day)  plays a vital key role in making all this possible

Happy Exercising!

Green Smoothie Mimi


This is one of the favorite things I have learned that helped me keep down the carbs!

GRATE clusters of raw cauliflower in a food processor using the grater blade. I have a Cuisinartt
Put the grated “rice” in a Pampered Chef Micro cooker with the lid on, or put in a microwave safe bowl and put a lid on it that has holes in it. Cook on high in the microwave for 5 minutes. DO NOT add water. It has enough moisture on it’s own. Take it out of the microwave and serve immediately with stir fry or whatever you want to put over rice. Instead of the white rice being a high carb food, you have a vegetable that also takes on the flavor of what you put on top of it, without the carbs! Voila! This is such a great trick!

What I Eat

Some of you may be wondering what it is I actually eat and don’t eat. Fist of all let me say that I owe figuring this out mainly to God and to! I have benefited from much on the internet that backed up what tells you in her 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course.  Many sources confirm what she says. This all started for me when I read her book  The GREEN SMOOTHIE DIET. But it was a year after all of that that I purchased her 12 STEPS TO WHOLE FOODS COURSE. It was, bar none the best thing I ever did regarding my health. The 2nd best thing and just as important was to purchase a Vita-Mix Pro 500 Blender from J.L. Hufford (best price). takes all the trial and error out and saves you years of figuring it out on your own. Here is a basic rundown of what I do and don’t eat from now on:

What I eat now  – Whole Foods ONLY

Greens – spinach, bok choy, kale, dinosaur kale, swiss chard, parsley, cilantro, collards, turnip greens, mustard greens (in smoothies) spinach, romaine, red and green leaf for salads.

Veggies – a very wide variety of mostly raw and some cooked veggies
I love radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, summer squash, cabbage, corn, snow peas, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, turnips, potatoes, peppers, etc.

(a potato once in a while with a topping I make from sesame seeds, garlic, almonds, etc.
all natural and whole ingredients)

(sweet potatoes with unrefined coconut oil and cinnamon on it is also a treat)

Fruit – 1/2 banana and 1/2 apple and 1 cup berries in my green smoothie, plus 1 slice of lime with the peel in my green smoothie everyday
fresh blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries, an orange, pear or plum as a treat from time to time

Hummus – I simply love it! (made from chickpeas, garlic, sesame paste)

Nuts, seeds – sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc.
I put golden flaxseed and brown flaxseed in my smoothie every day ) 4TB or so

Whole grains only (a variety) quinoa, buckwheat, oats, brown rice, spelt, millet, etc)

Sprouts – put them on salads, in salad dressings and in green smoothies ( I sprout them myself)

Legumes – lentils, black eyes peas, black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, pinto beans, spit peas, etc.

I eat 5% or less animal protein in the form of tuna, white chicken, free range eggs

I do eat only coconut oil (unrefined virgin), olive oil (EVOO) and flax seed oil

I do not eat ANY trans fats, canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, crisco peanut, etc.
I do not eat dairy, except greek yogurt or kefir
I do not eat any refined sugar or sugar substitutes, only natural sweetners (Agave, stevia)

What is in my green smoothies? 1 QT has 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple, 15+ servings of greens (assorted) 1 slice fresh ginger root, 1 slice lime with peel, sprouts, bee pollen,
greek 0% fat yogurt, stevia, agave nectar, flaxseed, cinnamon, tumeric, cayenne pepper, broccoli, about 4-5 large frozen strawberries and about 1 cup frozen blueberries

As you can see, I have plenty of variety!
God is so good! He made all this wonderful variety of food for us to enjoy!!
There is really no reason to eat the things that we weren’t meant to eat like trans fats, etc.

Welcome to Green Smoothie Mimi

I am starting this blog because I have been a Type 2 Diabetic for 10 years. I have been on oral medication and diet to control it. Recently my blood sugar was very high and I went to the after hours clinic to have it checked out. I will tell you more of this story as we go along, but the short version is that that was 3 weeks and 4 days ago. It was 325 that night, and apparently had been high like that for about 3 months according to the A1C (test diabetics have taken at the doctor to tell them your average for last 3 months) I had taken 6 weeks earlier.  I didn’t know this because 6 weeks earlier when I was supposed to go in to see the doctor for a follow up on my labs I woke up sick.  I was throwing up and couldn’t keep the appointment.  Apparently, my A1C was 10.9!!!  It was off the charts!  I was a walking time bomb.

I had never had and A1C higher than 7.8 in 10 years! 7.0 is what a diabetic is hoping for, and 5.9-6.2 is what a normal non-diabtic’s numbers would be.  I was really scared!  The weird thing was that a year ago when I started drinking green smoothies and eating more raw my A1C in November last year about 6 months after I started all of that was 6.2!  That is what a non diabetic would be.  So, in 6 short months it changed drastically!  I was still drinking green smoothies but I had traveled to see family in January and also I had a major gall bladder attack in March and surgery to have it removed in April during this bad A1C testing time.  I think all that played a part in how high it was.

My blood pressure was also high that night at the clinic, probably because I was so scared!

I had just gotten a new glucose meter which is how I found out it was so high. I was told that night, since it was a Friday night (and the doctor at the after hours clinic was not my doctor), to double my oral meds and take a pill at night as well as one in the morning. I scheduled an appointment to come back in 6 days to see what had happened after doubling the oral meds. My doctor was on vacation so I went to see the other doctor (from the clinic) again. That doctor had taken another A1C test that night at the clinic and he had the results: 11.1!  That meant that the 6 weeks since my lab results it had gone even higher!  My blood sugar  had started coming down and he said I probably would not have to do insulin yet, and that he wanted me to add another oral med to help it come down. When I went to get that prescription filled the insurance was not willing to pay for it, unless they tried one of 2 other meds first. At that point I just decided to take all the nutritional information I have been gathering and trying to do but not diligently and start trying straight nutrition and keep taking the 2 pills, one in the morning and one at night.  I took ALL refined sugar completely out of my diet (it crept into my diet in salad dressings and bread, etc,) and I quit eating  animal protein and all oils except Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil and Unrefined Coconut oil. NO processed foods of any kind and all whole grains.  No more eating wheat bread from the grocery store!  Well, as I said, it has been 3 weeks and 4 days since that night and tonight at bedtime, my blood sugar level is 81 and I have not taken any meds today!  This blog is to tell you how I did that, and to share great tips on making delicious dishes while only eating greens, veggies, fruits, nuts, seed and whole grains ONLY.  So come along on this journey with me and I hope you can learn something that I have recently learned to help yourself or someone else!